"In this time of treaty negotiations and land claims we need strong people. Early childhood development is an investment now in the future well-being of our communities."

- Chief Ian Campbell, Squamish Nation

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I believe we need to build a National Indigenous Early Learning and Child Care (IELCC) framework to provide culturally relevant, high quality programs from well-trained professionals—because children and families are the heart of communities. In order to contribute to thriving communities and cultures, these programs must be designed by Indigenous people for Indigenous people, provide sustainable, fair-wage jobs for early childhood educators, and supports for other caregivers. I call on all community leaders to make Indigenous children a priority and invest in and support IELCC, in a manner that meets community needs and priorities and their development by those who know them best. Now is the time for affirmative supports for Indigenous children and families—because of history, and for the future.

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