Early Childhood Educators

Early childhood educators (ECEs) are more than just babysitters. They are highly trained educators who have the honour of caring for and teaching our most sacred and treasured resource. They build bridges to other family services and support young parents on their journey.

ECE's are professionally trained college and university graduates. They are well versed in early brain development and understand how to design learning spaces and activities that are rich with music, play, social interaction and culture and tradition. They are knowledgeable about health and nutrition and trained to work with children, families and the broader community. They offer support, information, and mentoring to parents and act as a hub or a central space where parents can access resources for their families. In addition they may have acquired specialized certificates to work with special needs children, or to offer music and arts therapy and other specialized services. 

ECDC offers a rewarding career but many young people are choosing not to follow their passion because they cannot make a living wage. According to the 2001 census, early childhood educators and assistants (ECE/As) earned about half the national average for all occupations. The workforce in this sector in B.C is aging and many professionals are choosing the leave the field because wages and benefits are too low. In order to attract the very best talent and ensure that we have strong programs for our children we must increase wages and benefits and ensure that all early childhood educators have access to training and professional development opportunities. 

isit the BC ACCS website for more information on careers in AECDC and education options.