BC Aboriginal Child Care Society (BCACCS) applauds Northern Chiefs at the Northern FN Child Welfare Caucus meeting in Prince George June 26, 2013, on the passage of a resolution calling on the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) to improve services for their young children.

The resolution states:--

"BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the gaps in the north regarding ECD be closed immediately by the Ministry of Children and Family Development."

"BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that MCFD collaborate with the Northern First Nations Child Welfare Governance Council First Nations Leadership Council to address ECD gaps in the north region and to identify a more equitable funding formula for supporting the delivery of quality ECD programs and services, especially in those regions where needs are significant and are unmet."

We invite other First Nation leaders to advocate for improvements in ECD and encourage leaders to connect with local ECD programs to get their feedback and support.

AuthorFionn Yaxley